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Woven Placemats- Set of 6

Woven Placemats- Set of 6

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Tightly hand-woven to give it incredible strength and to make them endure, these placemats are functional yet stylish. Protect your table by using the placemats under plates or serving dishes, and also add a natural texture and relaxed look to your table. They are substantial placemats and can be used as an alternative to charger plates.

An extra bonus of these placemats is that unlike rattan or other materials, they can be washed in a washing machine (at 30 degrees Celsius).

Patchwork placemats are all unique and combine different colours in different patterns for truly one of a kind!

Sold as a set of 6 placemats. However if you would like or order a different quantity please get in touch- 


Handwoven in Portugal from natural fibres.

100% Natural Fibres.

Wash at 30 degrees Celsius.

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